Vision and Values

We in the Cubic 33 Group are a large team of individuals united by one multicultural vision. We are all professionals who specialize in designing and constructing commercial and industrial buildings throughout Europe and America.

We function much like a strand of cells, reconfiguring ourselves as we set up in different countries such as Spain, France, Mexico and Peru, supported overall by our financial holding company located in Barcelona.

Our ten years of focus on this sector translate into extensive technical and logical experience gained through the many projects we have completed. Each of these projects was complex and demanding in terms of quality, delivery times, and management.

Our Vision:
The Vision of our group is that we are much like a brain.

The human brain exercises centralized control over the other organs, which respond in a fast and coordinated manner, allowing the body to function autonomously; we believe that a business that functions in this same manner is destined for success.

Each cell (country team) is independent and autonomous, yet connected to the others.
The strength of our group lies simultaneously in the sum of the strengths of each of our country teams, with information flow and communication moving among them.

Damage in one cell can be overcome, as the group supports and repairs that cell through its combined support and awareness.
One cell can access the resources and knowledge of the other cells. As information flows, it is shared.
No one cell is more important than any other.

Our Values: The 3 Rs

Responsiveness: Each cell, or country team, is very responsive, dynamic, and flexible, with significant autonomy in decision making. This capacity to respond is a given, and allows for in-depth awareness of client needs and expectations.

Rigor: As it evolved within a very competitive sector, Cubic 33 became known for the excellent quality of its projects and its high customer satisfaction. This was possible only as a result of rigorous attention to each detail in the industrial building construction process.

Respect: The Cubic 33 Group places a high value on respect, in the widest sense of the word. By starting from a point of respect for ourselves, we are able to transfer this attitude to every aspect of our professional sphere.


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